FACT FESTIVAL Budapest (HU) 06/02-09/02/2020

The organizers of the FACT Festival in Budapest (HU) asked me, if I am willing to give a workshop for the festival participants.  This is what I did:

Workshop Title: Finding the Character

Workshop Description:

Finding the character is a workshop, which is focusing on exploring the creation of a character that is defined by its physicality and purpose on stage. 

Everything the character experiences is visible on its body.

We will search for the creation of a character that is defined by its movement language and its purpose on stage. For this we will use different tools -for example limiting our bodies while trying to fulfill a task- for creating specific characteristics in movement and explore exaggerated body expressions. We will do exercises that help us to search for various qualities in motion and focus on different body parts as well as applying this to movement sequences within different theatrical situations. The future goal would be to create a figure that is always being (physically) the figure no matter what it experiences. A character, that is readable in its physicality and has an inscribed movement quality.