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    PITCH! is a physical theatre performance that deals with the topic of consumerism within our digitalized society and is based on the idea of an advertising pitch.


    A grey figure who is the manifestation of everything that steals time from us, acts in the role of an advertiser trying to convince the audience that unconscious consumption is good for them and that they can always get what they want. Anything can be bought. Even paradise. At the same time the character starts to feel more and more the control of the system that it is performing for, but struggles to gain back its freedom. [URIS id=108]


    The idea of bringing the concept of a marketing (sales) pitch into the theatre was born from the question if we as a society are able to perceive theatre, that creates meaning, in a different way than anything else that we consume or we are told to consume. We consume and no longer commit ourselves. We live in a culture of abundance and throw-away, in which our time and therefore our attention are our most valuable resources. However, we are constantly told that there is a more suitable product or offer for every one of our needs. But this also makes every product, every service easily replaceable. At the same time, the endless possibilities of time management and self-optimization tools should help us to manage our time better so that we can experience more in less time. We increasingly feel that we want to optimize the way we live. (Digital) communication in the public sphere and on our private communication channels constantly shows us the supposedly even better offer, lifestyle, diet, love…..


    A grotesque character is experiencing itself what it means to loose its own freedom to a system that wants it to function, consume, follow and sell. The system blinds the character through giving it tasks that seem to be useful and exactly what it needs. 

    PITCH! is a world made visible through symbols for life, control, struggle and fake promises and is telling its story through the performer’s body. The character’s development is made visible through its physicality. Elements from shadow play and video art are integrated and demonstrate three levels of presence. One transforms into the other or interacts with the other.  The mysterious and ungraspable is told through the concrete.

    Text elements, flowers, the color grey and the three states of presence are telling a story about unconscious consumption and blind following. The created movement and visual language is an analogy to the digital age in which we live. It represents both our dependence on digital devices and their power over us. It becomes exciting to question the role of the physical, analog body in relation to the screens and media. How does the digital influence the analog and vice versa? Who controls whom? Where are the limits and weaknesses of both sides? And what is it that is controlling us?

    PITCH! is based on a sales talk, is inspired by the children’s book Momo by Michael Ende and was created by someone who does not want to develop advertisement campaigns, but rather share something meaningful with the aim to create concrete situations with symbolic representations that tell an absurd, comical and poetic story with ease. 

    PITCH! premiered 16./17. June 2019 in Tenda Circo Dimitri, Verscio (CH)


    OUTSIDE EYE | Stefanie Bolzli

    FACTOTUM & VIDEO | Lukas Larcher

    LIGHTING & STAGE DESIGN | Hannes Gambeck

    FILM | Dante Carbini & Adrien Borruat, EDITING | Adrien Borruat

    Further Performances

    14/07/2019 HAJDE! Festival for emerging stage artists, Fruška Gora (SR)

    07/11/2019 FIESAD Festival, Rabat (MAR)

    07/02/2020 FACT Festival, Budapest (HU)