TANZKABUFF is many things in one place.
TANZKABUFF is a stage set.
TANZKABUFF is physical theatre.


TANZKABUFF is what Physical Theatre means to me. It is a space that, depending on the circumstances, manifests itself physically, mentally, virtually or concretely as a kind of box with curtains and a screen. It is a place where a lot of things from different areas, disciplines, ideas, objects and props are collected to create something new. It is a place where all kinds of things are used, played with. Where stories, situations and characters are created by using the body, language and images.

TANZKABUFF is also a website now. Here I write about Physical Theatre, my projects and performances. About all sorts of things that come to my mind and what I want to share. About questions that I ask myself, about connections that I don’t understand. About the search for orientation in the field of performing arts as a human being. Why physical theatre is more meaningful to me than marketing and why a stream of words overwhelms and often bores me as a spectator in spoken theatre.

TANZKABUFF are my thoughts, ideas, theatrical creations and figures.


TANZKABUFF is called TANZKABUFF because I danced from a very young age on. Apart from the fact that I „somehow wanted to become an actress“, I’ve always danced. At the age of 15 I realized that I wanted to dance professionally. For one thing. So I discovered contemporary dance. I loved it and still do (but not on stage). After that I worked in marketing, traveled to USA, worked again in an office, danced, worked in a club, then did some spoken theatre and spent many hours in an office again. Then I decided that I don’t feel like working in marketing and in an office. At least not for 8-10 hours a day.

Finally I entered the world of Physical Theatre. I discovered acrobatics, clownery, improvisation, object theatre, mask work, various training and creation tools. Many questions and even more came up: What do I want to talk about with my creative work and why?
When I started to create my own piece, I understood the following:

The question WHY is the most important question of all. I love to embody the absurd on stage. I will definitely NOT do any contemporary dance on stage. 

First Kabuff that I built („Kabäußchen“)

But because many theatre disciplines were completely new to me and I could only ever start from my movement, my body, I was confused. Often confused and much confused. Confused how I should create a play now. In my rehearsal room I built a Kabuff. It was more of a „Kabäußchen“ because it looked like a tool for a puppet show. That’s when I started to create scene by scene. The Kabuff was my opponent and at he same time the place where I collected everything I learned. Where everything came together. Contemporary dance met theatre, play, figures, shadows, the absurd and the concrete. In every movement I searched for the answer to the question WHY.
Out of this emerged a physical theatre performance and the realization that I want to do theatre. Not dance, but theatre. Physical Theatre.

That’s why the TANZKABUFF is called TANZKABUFF.